Main Owner Commands : !control,!Unban,!MakeNm(Makes a Penguin a non-member),and Everything Listed Below
Co Owner Commands : !Tester,!leader,!IpBan,!ban,!kick,!registerBan,!Body,!feet,!Hand,!Neck,!Face,!AccessAdd, !AccessOwn,!Admin,!AccessMed,And Everything Listed Below

Staff leader Commands :
!ban,!kick,!AccessBot,!Open(Put A Link and itll Play it live!!),!Destroy,And Everything Listed Below
Admin Commands :
!ban,!kick,!Mssg,!Alert,!TempStaff,!TimerBan,!Stalk,!Goto,And Everything Listed below

Moderator Commands :
!ban,!kick,!SR,!ReportStaff,!Nick ( Changes your username ) ROOM Change Required ,And Everything listed below

!ban,Kick,AddUsers(Adds all Users in Room),And Everything listed below

Beta Testers:
!Kick,!Test(Test Server name Or test New Commands,!Panic,And Everything Listed below

Regular Members:
!ai,!ac,!Jr, and !addall